To view and analyze the report and dashboard user should have access to it. Without access users cannot view and see the reports and dashboards. This article will describe how to manage permission and give user direct access to the Power BI reports and dashboards. To manage permission and give access you should have admin or owner of the workspace or report and dashboard.

Method 1: Direct Access From Manage Permission

Step 1: Share Report with Direct Access

Go to workspace containing reports or dashboards which you want to give access to the user. Click on share option of the report/dashboard as shown below.

Step 2 Manage Permission

After clicking on Share option you will get below dialog. Click on More options (…) of upper right of the sharing dialog box and then click on Manage permission.

You will get Manage permission pane as shown below. You can see list of people having access to this report or you can add new user having direct access to this report. To add new user, click on + icon.

Step 3 Provide user and Grant access

Then provide username or email address and Click on Grant Access. Here, you can add multiple users and share report at a time. You can select or unselect the sharing and build report option available on the dialog box as per your need.

In this way, you can give access for the report to the users.

Method 2: Direct Access from Advance Option

On the other hand, you can go to Advance access and give direct access to the report. In above Step 2 instead of Direct Access click on Advanced option as illustrated below.

In Advanced option page, you can see Links, Direct access user list, and pending list. Additionally, you can see related contents as like Dashboards, Workbooks, Datasets and Shared Views as depicted in the below picture.

You can do following things from Manage Permission page:

  • View, manage, and create Links.
  • View and manage who has Direct access as well as grant user direct access.
  • You can View all Pending access requests to the report and dashboard and invitations as well.
  • View and manage Related content.
  • Additionally, you can apply Filters or Search for specific links or people.

Direct Access

For Direct access you can go to Direct access tab, you can see all the users who has direct access to this report and dashboard as well as you can give new user for direct access. To give new user direct access click on add user as shown below. Then user will get access to report.

You will get below dialog box. Provide username or address, select, or deselect the permission for user and click on Grant Access. Additionally, you can write some additional note for user which is optional.

If you select the Send an email notification option, then user will get email alert with link to view the report.

Removing Direct Access and Sharing

If you want to remove access to the user, you can click on the … more options and then click on remove access.

To remove reshare option to the user, similarly, clicking on the … (more options) and click on Remove reshare.


When user request for access to the report or dashboard it will be listed under Pending tab. From this pending tab you can Approve and Decline the access request of the user.

In my screenshot you can see that, I don’t have any Pending request in the list for this report in my workspace; however, you can select and approve or decline the request if you have any request.

Note that: Sharing dashboard via links is not available for now. So, for dashboard you cannot see the Links Tab in Manage permission window.

Overall, this article has described two ways to grant access to the Power BI reports and dashboards. Hope this helps you to manage permission and access in Power BI.

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