Microsoft released .NET 6 a few months before. In this article, I will describe what are the new features included in .NET 6.0. Let’s go-to features.

Features of .NET 6.0

LTS (Long Term Support)

.Net 6 is an LTS (Long Term Support) Version. It will be supported for three years. It is the latest long-term support release. The previous version, .Net Core 3.1 support will be finalized in December 2022, and support for .Net 5 will be ended May 2022.

Improved performance

.Net 6 is the fastest version of .NET so far. ASP.NET Core Web application built in .NET 6 is considered as 10X faster than Node.js


C#10 and F#6 are new versions of object programming language in .NET which are shipped with .NET6.

So many improvements are included in this version such as global using directive, structure improvement, lambda improvements, null parameter checking, constant interpolated strings, and many more.

Hot Reload

This is a very useful and cool feature for developers. You can modify the source code while the program is running and visualized the changes in real-time without recompiling and restarting to see the changes.

Unified Platform

.NET 6 provides a unified platform for cloud, desktop, web(browser), IoT, and mobile apps. This platform enables easier code sharing and reuse of the code across all types of your applications.

.NET MAUI (.NET Multi-platform App UI)

.NET Multi-platform App UI is one of the latest features of .NET. MAUI allows developers to work on one project which delivers client applications across various devices such as desktop and mobile operating systems.

However, MAUI is not production-ready yet but will be released soon.

Minimal APIs

.NET 6 has the ability to create an API with very little code as well as it is better for creating microservices as well as scaling is much faster.

Blazor Improvement

Blazor has Two hosting Models:

Blazor Server App – It executes code on the server same as ASP.NET and passes the HTML to the browser.

Blazor WebAssembly: In this model, C# code is executed in the browser utilizing the WebAssembly.

Dynamically Blazor components can be rendered from JavaScript. Additionally, it can be integrated with existing applications which are based on JavaScript

File-scoped namespaces

In .NET 6, File-scoped namespaces allow you to declare the namespace for a whole file without nesting the whole content in {..}

It reduces the indentation.

Other Key features

  • Single page app built with ASP.NET Core can now use a more flexible pattern
  • HTTP/3 has been added which facilitates ASP.NET Core, HttpClient, and gRPC to interact with HTTP/3 client and servers.
  • File IO has support for symbolic links and also File IO performance improved greatly.
  • Single-file apps(extraction-free) which were previously only for Linux, now in .NET 6 can be published for Linux, macOS, and Windows.
  • Security has been improved.
  • Improvement in Windows Forms app.
  • Source generators and analyzers are available that help developers to write better, safer, and high-performing code.

Below is a video explaining the features of .NET 6.


Hence, the article described the important features of .NET 6.0. I hope, you have learned the new features of .NET 6. I would recommend you to explore, get familiar and utilize these features. The first thing to do to get started with .NET 6 is to install visual studio 2022 which comes with .NET 6 including all new features. Then, you can follow the article: Getting Started with .NET 6.0

More details of .NET 6.0 features can be found here.


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