Digital transformation, a journey for the success of a organization, business, and people. Considering the situation and modernization, the inevitable journey is the adoption of contemporary technologies and trends for the improvement of business processes, people, and culture.

This is a short case story based on a recent visit to one of our clients.

This client visit happened during the Covid-19 pandemic, a few months ago. During this pandemic situation, we are doing all the meetings and client communications or activities virtually mostly via Microsoft Teams. I am happy to say that most of our clients are flexible with these virtual meetings. This epidemic has accelerated the journey to digital transformation which was any way about to happen.

A Case study: A client Visit

I am going to share this case based on a real client visit; however, I cannot reveal the company name or any related information because of compliance and we value our each client. Amid the pandemic, this client requested a physical meeting for better understanding and discussion, and we agreed. This was my third physical meeting during this pandemic situation, and I was comfortable with the physical meeting as we can take necessary precautions like wearing masks, maintaining distance, using sanitizer and so on. Let’s process.

I went there as a Document management and process Automation Solutions consultant, Tech One Global.


We reached the client office, the reception and entrance were well organized, designed, and looked like a modern office and I was impressed. Another reason for getting excited was because most of the time we were staying home, and I got a chance to visit outside. The reception of the office was like the sample below (which is not the actual image).

It was a well-organized modern office with green plants and a couple of professional receptionists. They were maintaining all the safeties considering the Covid-19 situation like checking the temperature of all visitors, compulsory masks, providing hand sanitizer and so on. Honestly, I was impressed.

However, I became slightly disappointed with their manual visitor’s registration process. They were making entries in a physical register book, additionally, those receptionists were manually verifying the visitors by phone call to their related authorities, colleagues or bosses.

Problem 1: Manual process for visitor verification with physical register book.

However, after confirmation, one of the receptionists showed us the way to the waiting space and asked us to wait for someone who will take us to the meeting room.

Waiting Room

The waiting room of this client was quite fancy with glass windows with a wonderful view of the full city as shown below. This is a sample image similar to the waiting room.

I was fascinated with the waiting room, its arrangements and was enjoying waiting for the meeting with outside views. Since, I have been seeing those outside beautiful views after almost one and half years because of the Covid pandemic. After waiting for almost 30minutes, one of the members from their team informed us that the meeting will be delayed because of the unavailability of meeting rooms. Since none of the meeting rooms were free, we had to wait until one of those meeting rooms got free.

Problem 2: Meeting rooms are booked manually or AD-HOC basis without any records

However, we waited for almost one and half hours for the 30minutes meeting. ☹

Document Storeroom

Because of the delay for the meeting, I started roaming around the waiting room and some of their premises which were connected with that waiting room. Unfortunately, I saw Document Storeroom which was slightly visible from the waiting room as well. During my in the waiting room, I saw some part of document storeroom which was comply messed up with documents i.e. Unmanaged documents kept randomly and lying on flour as portrayed below. I must say, it was not a document warehouse because of messy documents all around.

In this modern era, this could be one of the biggest problems.

Problem 3: Major and Serious Problem, physical documents are stored in an unmanaged and messy way.

However, let’s proceed. After a long wait, we went for the meeting in their office space which was an open working environment with several separate rooms for HOD and management.

Open Office Space

It was a big open office with several plants where more than 100 employees were working. Actually, this company is a corporate one with several branches, employees and labor workers. The working space was similar like the below one which was fancy with design and a green environment.

Having plants in office space has several advantages and again I was amazed with this modern layout.

However, when I was progressing to the meeting room, again I got disappointed because every desk was full of physical paper. Although, each of those employees on desk were having a laptop, but their desk was full of physical paper as portrayed.

In this modern era, working with such document volumes is a sign that they are much behind in the race of digital transformation.

Problem 4: Depending on physical documents and manual work.

Most of those employees were checking documents, filling physical forms, doing signatures on those documents, and some were reading those documents as like tenders, projects, or agreement papers.

Meeting Room

Despite having several meeting rooms, we had to wait for almost one and half hours for the meeting. However, they could manage one average size meeting room which was absolutely fine for our meeting.

The meeting room had a desk, around 10 chairs and a projector. However, I saw that there were some document boxes lying on the one of the corners of the meeting room. Honestly, this organization was overwhelmed with physical documents.

 Nevertheless, we had a meeting where we discussed about digitalization, process automations and document management solutions. As DMS and Automation consultant, I provided cost effective and best possible solutions to above mentioned problems, how can they step into digital transformation based on their scenario with best ROI.

Additionally, we share expertise and solutions for their requirements, and they were amazed with our solutions and requested for immediate implementation.

Common Problems

The above scenario is relatively common for many organizations in our region, however we can easily resolve and overcome those issues with some simple steps. I will explain the effective and sustainable resolution for those problems later in this article.

Based on the case, these are the findings:

Problem 1: Manual process for visitor verification with physical register book.

Problem 2: Meeting rooms are booked manually or AD-HOC basis without any records.

Problem 3: Major and Serious Problem, physical documents are stored in an unmanaged and messy way.

Problem 4: Depending on physical documents and manual work.

These are general issues with most of the organizations who are behind in the journey of digital transformation, mainly in our region.

Above mentioned problems can be resolved with Document Management and Process Automation Solutions. Let me explain to you in more detail about the solutions.

Document Management Solution – Enadoc

We can convert all the physical documents into digital form and manage Document warehouses through BPO services. We provide end to end solutions, starting from physical archiving, scanning, uploading to DMS with search index.

Enadoc from Tech One Global is an innovative ECM / Document management solution that features capture and indexing, records management, search, and disaster recovery capabilities.  It is accessible on cloud, on premise, and on mobile. With security its top priority, users can experience industry standard protection in securing their documents.”

An overview of Enadoc.

This DMS/ECM is industry standard, full proof solution with numerous features and is proudly serving worldwide for 20 years. It is worth implementing Enadoc and stepping into digital transformation. Not only the solution, but we have also highly experienced and certified DMS/ECM consultants who will be a part and parcel of this journey. I am proud to say that Tech one is a market Leader in terms ECM and DMS solutions with huge customers.

Enabling Digital Transformation.

By doing implementing this DMS/ECM, Enadoc, you are making wise decision because of following reasons:

  • Scanning, Storing, and securing those documents for lifetime.
  • Independent of physical documents
  • Document tagging and indexing for quick search
  • Getting rid of manual search
  • Can manage permissions and security based on documents confidentiality
  • Can access those documents from anywhere and anytime.
  • E-signature and Workflow Approval Process
  • Integration capabilities
  • And many more

Learn more about it.

Process Automation with Flowdoh

In the above mentioned case, the problems with manual processes can be easily sorted by Flowdoh, a noble process automation solution. Though it is a solution with dynamic capabilities, I consider it as a platform for process automation with the latest trends.

Power your organization with business process management and automation.

Flowdoh is a Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow automation solution that transforms organizations with efficient collaboration and optimized automated processes through a low-code workflow engine.

This is a low or no code solution, with dynamic forms and workflows designer, with numerous useful features.

It is not only the solution but also a platform for automating your manual process. You can automate any number of processes with no code or low solution.

  • Dynamic form designer with drag and drop options
  • User friendly and flexible to use
  • Flexible options to apply custom design and script which opens broader customizations
  • Simple to complex forms design
  • Dynamic workflows with drag and drop
  • Simple to complex workflows
  • Reusable workflows
  • Works perfectly with Microsoft Teams and microsoft365
  • Flexible integration capabilities
  • Many more

Now, let’s consider the above client situation, problem 1 (manual verification of visitors and physical register book).


Problem 1: We can use the above solution, Flowdoh, where concerned employees can submit requests for visitors based on meeting or automate based on outlook/Teams meeting and book meeting room at the same time. Receptionists will have a dashboard where they can see a list of visitors and schedules, and an option to mark the arrival of visitors. Soon after marking the arrival, the concerned uses will get notifications. Then again, he/she can receive those visitors and mark the update. In this way, we can eventually solve problem 2 as well by automating with booking a meeting room based on meeting.

Problem 3: Above mentioned solution DMS with Enadoc, without any doubt, will be the best one. Please check the Enadoc features mentioned above.

Problem 4: We can automate all the manual processes and workflows with Flowdoh. Besides, we can use Enadoc with a combination of Flowdoh, for manual process automation and DMS where we can reduce the dependency on physical documents and manual processes. Additionally, we can do approval with e-signature. Isn’t it cool?

Not limited to the above problems, we can automate several processes in various departments and divisions to speed up the tasks and activities, engage employees to advance technologies, enhance user experiences and so on.

Some core Advantages:

  • You are stepping into digital transformation.
  • Aligning with Modern Trends and Technologies.
  • Digitizing and securing your contents and data
  • Automating your manual process and keeping the track of those
  • Engaging your employees with contemporary technologies
  • Enhance employee experiences with highest satisfaction
  • You have system to track all the activities, identify the issues and resolutions
  • Speeding the process and activities
  • Quickly search the files and data
  • Process Access control and authorization
  • Seamless approval
  • Can access from anywhere and any device
  • Better ROI
  • Dashboard and reports and so on.
  • Sustainable working environment and culture

There are several other advantages, however I will write another article on that with more facts and specific examples.


In this client case, I have explored some of the challenges with physical documents and manual processes which are quite common in many organizations in our region. I have shared this case based on my real observations and experiences with client visits. Additionally, I have listed out some general problems which can be easily resolved with our solutions. As an enterprise document management solution and process automation consultant, I have shared sustainable solutions: Enadoc (DMS) and Flowdoh (Process Automation Platform). Furthermore, I have elaborated some features and given sustainable resolutions for those problems. At last, I have explained the solution to those specific issues with Enadoc and Flowdoh with examples and advantages. In the next article, I will highlight some challenges and how to overcome them in the journey of digital transformation.

By Rijwan Ansari

Research and Technology Lead | Software Architect | Full Stack .NET Expert | Tech Blogger | Community Speaker | Trainer | YouTuber. Follow me @ Md Rijwan Ansari is a high performing and technology consultant with 10 plus years of Software Development and Business Applications implementation using .NET Technologies, SharePoint, Power Platform, Data, AI, Azure and cognitive services. He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, C# Corner MVP, Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate, Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate, CSM, CSPO, MCTS, MCP, with 15+ Microsoft Certifications. He is a research and technology lead in Tech One Global as well as leading Facebook community Cloud Experts Group and SharePoint User Group Nepal. He is a active contributor and speaker in community, C# Corner MVP and his rank at 20 among 3+ millions members. Additionally, he is knee to learn new technologies, write articles, love to contribute to the open-source community. Visit his blog RIJSAT.COM for extensive articles, courses, news, videos and issues resolution specially for developer and data engineer.

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