Power BI report users were not able to see the latest updated data in the reports So, I was refreshing data in Power BI manually but got error to refresh the data. When your previous admin user is no longer handling the report management tasks for Power BI Service and you need to handle the tasks, you may encounter some permission issues during the transition time and need to take over some settings in the power BI. This article describes to handle the situation of data not refreshing using manual refresh method in Power BI service. Additionally, I will describe how to take over the authority for the dataset setting from one user to another.

When I refresh the dataset, I got error as depicted in below image while trying to refresh data from Power BI. For my scenario, data source of the report was shared excel file from One drive where the excel file was updated with new data but report was showing only old data.

To resolve this issue and refresh data follow below steps:


Right click on Dataset and go to Dataset Setting as depicted below.

Step 2:

Previously, report might be managed by another user, so you need to take over on him/her to proceed with the credential setup. In Dataset tab you can see the Take over option as shown below.

In the below screen you can see current user has disabled option for Gateway connection, Data source credentials, Parameters and Schedule refresh. So, you need to Take over the existing user to get these options enable for you.

Click on Take over.

Below screen will be prompted again, click on Take Over.

Step 3: Data source Credential

Now you have permission to change datasource credentials. Click on Edit credential as illustrated below.

Select OAuth2 in Authentication Method as depicted below and click on Sign in. Previously in my case Authentication method was Anonymous.

Then you will get below screen. Pick user and your dataset credential will be updated. You can see the message of update.

Then go back to your dataset and refresh the dataset.

Now you can see data is refreshed and reports are updated with latest data.


Hence, this article has described steps to handle and setup dataset credentials from Power BI service and resolve your issue when you get above mentioned Refresh Token issue in your Power BI Service while refreshing data. In next article I will come with how to setup Automatic Schedule Refresh in Power BI Service. Happy learning!!

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