FluentValidation is a popular .NET library used for building strongly-typed validation rules for your objects. It allows you to define validation logic for your model classes in a fluent, easy-to-read manner. This means you can write the validation rules in a way that reads like natural language, making your code easier to understand and maintain.

Why Use FluentValidation?

  • Strongly-Typed: It ensures type safety by validating against your model properties.
  • Extensible: It supports custom validation rules and conditions.
  • Integration: It can be easily integrated with ASP.NET Core, making it a seamless part of your application.

This article explains how we can implement fluent validation in .NET 8.

Now let’s go for how we can use fluent validation in our .NET project. Let’s follow the below steps.

Step 1- Installation

To use FluentValidation in our .NET project, first we need to install the package via NuGet. You can do this using the NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio or via the .NET CLI:

Run below command to install it.

dotnet add package FluentValidation

Step 2 -Create your validator in your .NET 8 project.

Step 3- Once validator is created you need to register and add the validator in your program.cs file

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