In this write-up, we will learn to rename the Git branch. There are different ways to accomplish this task however, we will explore two methods to rename it.

Method 1

Step 1- Git renaming Branch while you are in any branch

git branch -m<oldbranchname> <newbranchName>

here -m is used for the move.

Step 2- Once you move the old branch to the new branch, now you need to push.

git push origin -u <newbranchName>

Step 3- Delete the remote branch

git push origin --delete <oldbranchname>

Method 2: This is another way to rename the branch moving to the branch which needs to be renamed.

Step 1- Switch to a branch that you want to rename

git checkout oldbranchName

Step 2- Rename the local branch

git branch -m newBranchName

Step 3- Push the new local branch to the remote origin

git push origin -u newBranchName

Step 4- Delete the old Branch in remote

git push origin --delete oldbranchName

In this way, we can rename and move the branch to the new one.

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