This article explains how to upload or publish rdl file in SSRS report Server. This article will describe two methods to deploy report in SSRS Report Server.

1. By Simply Upload RDL file in Report Server.

Open SSRS Server from webportal url. Then, there you will see upload button. Click upload option and browse rdl file of report from the location. It uploads your report in report server. Click on uploaded file it runs the report in browse, hence, you can view it in browser.

2. Publish from Microsoft Report Builder

Firstly, open RDL file of report that you want to deploy in report server from Report Builder tool. Then, connect it to report server as depicted below by providing report server urland click on Connect.

Then it starts connecting to report server. Wait for few minutes.

After connection go to File Menu then you will get Publish Report Parts Option. Click on Publish report Parts. It automatically publishes your report into report Server.

Finally, open the report server from browser and you will see your report published there.


In this way, we can implement RDL report file in Report Server. This article described the two ways of RDL file deployment in Report Server so that user can browse and view in browser those implemented reports easily.

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