With the announcement of Stratis moving from .NET based blockchain to Ethereum based Stratis EVM, all token holders are requested to swap their token from Stratis wallet to the Stratis EVM. Token swap ratio is 1:10(1 STRAX:10 STRAT). Firstly, it is available for on chain swap which is already open and all token holders can swap their tokens. This on- chain Token swap window is available until March 2024.

This article provides you detailed guide for Onchain token swap from Strax token to Strat. Later on there will be proofing tool to swap off chain which is not available at the moment.

What you need to have for Token Swap

You need to get Ethereum address for this you can use either Metamask wallet or one key wallet. This guide provides to swap your STRAX token using Metamask wallet.

If you are new to metamask, you can follow below steps to create account and get the Ethereum address in Metamask wallet. If you already have address then you can directly go to the last section for Token swap.

Create New Meta Mask wallet

Step 1- MetaMask is a browser extension wallet which is supported in most of the popular browsers such as chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge and Brave. Install MetaMask extension in your preferrable browser such as chrome, Firefox, opera.

Step 2- Then agree terms and conditions.

Step 3: provide password and click on Create a new wallet

Step 4- Secure wallet- now you have to secure the wallet recovery secret phrase which is 12- 24 word. This is the very important key that you will need to recover your wallet incase if you lose you wont be able to get your wallet and funds.

Write down and keep in a secure and safe place. Never share or show your Secret Phrase to anyone.

Step 5 – Next step is to confirm the secret key that you have copied it and kept safely. Provide the secret phrase as requested on the screen.

Step 6 – then your wallet will be created successfully.

Get Ethereum Wallet Address

Go to account and there will be address just copy and get it.

Strax Token Swap to Stratis EVM

To swap STRAX token to STRAT , firstly, you need to Download and install Strax Wallet version 1.7

Step 1 – You can download and install Strax wallet from the below the links

Step 2- Go to Token Swap tab in the wallet as depicted below. Then enter your ethereum wallet address and Strax wallet password, agree on terms and conditions and click on Swap button.

On successfully swap, you will get below screen and you will have 0 Tokens in your

Don’t worry you won’tsee your swapped token instantly in your Metamask wallet you have to wait for the Stratis EVM release. Once the Stratis EVM is released on March 2024 then you will be able to see your Token in your Metamask wallet.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope you find it useful for your Token swap. For more information about Stratis and Token swap you can join their Discord channel.

More details can be found in here.


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