I was creating new ASP.NET WebAPI project in .NET8 using Visual studio 2022 after freshly installation of Visual studio 2022 but when I create default WEBAPI project it was throwing Swashbuckle package error. Then, I checked the package manager and tried to install it however it was not available there. There was no option for nuget online packages. Only offline packages option were there. So in this writeup I will explain how we can add nuget.org in the package source.

Now, let’s go for setup.

Step 1– Go to Nuget package manager and Click on setting as shown below.

Step 2– Click on add (+) button and then provide add : name: nuget.org, source:https://api.nuget.org/v3/index.json as depicted below and click on Ok.

Once you finish above step then you will be able to see and install packages from nuget.org.

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