Stratis group provides a blockchain platform for .Net developers. Stratis Blockchain is easy to learn, adapt and integrate with the existing and new small to enterprise grades software systems. In this article, you will learn to restore your Strax wallet. There can be several scenarios that you may require to restore the wallet such as you lost your device and need to restore it to another machine, formatted your computer, and so on.

Let’s move to the Strax wallet restoring process.

Follow the below steps.

Step 1 – Download the Wallet application and install it, you can refer to Wallet Installation and Staking.

Step 2 – After installation, open the wallet you may need to allow access from the firewall. Select the network and click on Allow access.

Step 3 – You will get the option to create a new wallet or restore an existing wallet. Click on Create or Restore a wallet.

Step 4 – Provide Name, Secret Words, Password, confirm password and password phrase (if you have), and then click on Restore. Note that password phrase is optional, it provides additional security to your wallet. If you had it in your wallet earlier then only use it.

Step 5 – Then your wallet will be recovered. You will get the below message.

Then your wallet will be restored and opened. Wait for 100 % synchronization.

Once it is installed and 100% synchronized you will be able to see your Strax in the wallet. If you have Strax in the wallet and want to stake from the wallet then follow the Staking steps from the previous article here. If you have an interest in staking, you can learn more about Cold Staking and Raspberry Pi as well.

Hence, In this article, we learned to restore the Strax wallet. I hope you won’t get any difficulties restoring your wallet.

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