Microsoft is excited to announce the general availability of Microsoft Power Automate Process Mining, an innovative capability that empowers organizations to gain deep insights into their business processes, identify inefficiencies, and achieve process optimization. With Process Mining, businesses can now transform the way they optimize processes, streamline operations, and uncover opportunities for cost savings.

With Power Automate Process Mining, users can:

  1. Define and measure business challenges to analyze and improve processes effectively.
  2. Utilize the power of AI to analyze data and generate valuable insights for creating solutions and automation.
  3. Realize a significant return on investment (ROI) by taking action based on these insights and establishing continuous process monitoring and improvement.

The integration of process and task mining within Power Automate empowers customers to manage their automation lifecycle comprehensively, all within a single solution. This offering comes at a time when companies are actively seeking ways to enhance their business processes, optimize costs, and boost productivity. By leveraging insights from Power Automate Process Mining, customers can create optimization solutions using Microsoft ecosystem applications or their existing tools effectively. This new capability opens doors to endless possibilities for process improvement and business efficiency.

Process Mining

Process mining in Power Automate is designed to excel in the discovery of inefficiencies within organization-wide processes. By analyzing event log files extracted from the apps used in your processes, it provides a comprehensive understanding of your workflows. This capability offers process maps enriched with data and metrics, enabling the identification of performance issues. It is particularly well-suited for processes such as accounts receivable and order-to-cash, where gaining insights into process performance is crucial for optimization.

How Power Automate Process Mining works

Power Automate Process Mining operates by collecting event logs from various enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, HR, and task recordings. Once the data is ingested, it undergoes thorough analysis. The result is a detailed process model that offers insights into the inner workings of the process. Users can delve deeper and zoom into root causes of inefficiencies to gain a comprehensive understanding.

Based on the analysis, the platform provides recommendations and next best actions to address identified inefficiencies. These actionable insights empower users to make informed decisions and implement improvements. Business intelligence (BI) tools are integrated, enabling continuous monitoring of process performance to ensure ongoing optimization.

Through Process Mining, organizations can continually optimize processes, achieving excellence not only for the analyzed process but also for other processes within the organization. This establishes a powerful process excellence flywheel, propelling the organization towards greater efficiency and success. With Power Automate Process Mining, organizations can unleash the full potential of their processes and elevate their operational capabilities.

When to Use Process Mining

The process mining capability should be used when you want to:

  1. Gain clarity: See the actual steps involved in your organization’s operation process, eliminating any uncertainties or guesswork.
  2. Optimize efficiency: Save time and resources by identifying areas for process improvement and optimization.
  3. Ensure compliance: Detect noncompliant processes or tasks to ensure adherence to organizational policies and regulations.
  4. Identify automation opportunities: Discover processes that can be automated to enhance productivity and reduce manual effort.
  5. Perform process comparison: Compare different processes to determine their effectiveness and identify areas for enhancement.
  6. Spot mistakes: Uncover mistakes or inefficiencies within processes to address and rectify them promptly.
  7. Understand problem areas: Gain insights into where and why problems occur in your processes, enabling you to take corrective actions effectively.

By utilizing the process mining capability, organizations can make data-driven decisions, streamline operations, and enhance overall process performance.

Leverage the power of AI to swiftly take action on insights provided by Power Automate Process Mining

With the integration of AI copilot capabilities in Microsoft Power Platform and Power Automate, our customers are experiencing a transformative impact on their work. Pro-developers are now able to accelerate their tasks dramatically, while non-developers find it easy to actively participate in building solutions throughout the organization. Leveraging insights from Power Automate Process Mining has never been simpler, enabling teams to swiftly optimize resources, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation.

Exciting news awaits as more copilot capabilities are on the horizon for Power Automate and Process Mining. In case you missed the chance to witness these cutting-edge features at Microsoft Inspire 2023, you can explore the latest Microsoft Power Platform and Power Automate copilot functionalities in action through a session presented by our Vice President of Power Apps, Ryan Cunningham.

Stay tuned for further updates on copilot capabilities, as we are committed to enhancing your experience with Power Automate Process Mining, making it even more efficient and impactful. Embrace the AI copilot’s capabilities and unlock the full potential of your organization’s processes, leading to optimized resources, superior customer engagement, and a focus on continuous innovation.


Power Automate Process Mining is widely available for sale through all channels and in all regions where Power Platform is currently offered. To acquire the product, you can get in touch with your Microsoft sales representative, who will assist you with the purchasing process. Take advantage of this powerful capability to enhance your organization’s processes and drive efficiency with Power Automate Process Mining.


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