Once we develop or design the Power BI reports using Power BI Desktop, we need to publish it and share with the user. This article describes how to publish Power BI reports to Power BI Service online with necessary steps and guidelines for deployments of reports to Power BI Service. Mainly, this article explains the steps to publish reports from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Service online.


  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Service

As we are in the deployment learning phase I have assumed that you have already designed the reports using Power BI Desktop and have subscription in Power BI Service.

How to publish from Power BI Desktop?

Power BI Desktop is a tool to design Power BI reports and visualized data in the various graphical forms. It has capability to connect with several data sources and facilitates to design and develop reports easily with drag and drop options. Power BI Desktop is one of the best choices for Power BI report designers for their report development. In this write up, I will describe how to publish Power BI reports from Power BI Desktop directly to Power BI Service cloud from the Power BI Desktop report designing tool. Follow below steps for deployment.

Step 1

Open your Power BI report from Power BI Desktop, whose design is completed, and which is ready to deploy in the Power BI service.

Step 2

Once you open the Power BI Desktop, there is sign in option as depicted below. Login to Power BI Desktop using your Power BI account. It means that you need to use your account which has Power BI service access or licenses. Provide your email address and click on Next.

Then, provide Password of your account.

If you have already login you can omit these login step.

Step 3

Once, you are login your name will be displayed on the Power BI Desktop as illustrated below.

Now to Publish your reports to Power BI Service online click on Publish option as depicted below.

Step 4

Once, you click on Publish option, you will get all of your workspaces which you have access to publish Power BI reports. Select the workspace where you want to publish your report and click on Select option as shown in below image.

Step 5

After selecting your workspace, wait for few seconds/minutes. It starts uploading your reports to Power BI Service within your selected workspace.

Step 6

Once file is uploaded then you will get below message as publish is successful. You can click on Got it and go to your workspace and check your reports.

While publishing the report file containing multiple pages, we have to consider, which page we are and which page we want to show to the user when they open the report. For example, if you have multiple pages in the Power BI report file and while publishing the report you are at middle or last page of report file and you publish the report then when user opens report in Power BI online by default instead of first page of your report, it opens the middle or last page. So, while publishing be careful which page you are and which page you want the user to show when they open the report.


Hence, the article described how to publish Power BI report from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Service online. I hope, it helps you to publish your report to your desire workspace in the Power BI Service successfully.

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